Visit of Chenglin Liu

Dr. Chenglin Liu visited our group for two weeks, and gave a talk on consensus problems with delays.

IEEE Kansai Chapter Medal

Kai was awarded a medal from IEEE Kansai Chapter for elevation to IEEE Senior Member status.

Thesis Defense

Takatoshi and Naoki defended their Master's theses on 2018.02.20; Takumi, Masanori, and Kei defended their undergraduate theses on 2018.02.23.


56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

Kai attended the 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Melbourne, 2017.12.10-16, and presented a talk at the pre-conference workshop “30 years of the Ramadge-Wonham Theory of Supervisory Control: A Retrospective and Future Perspectives”. He also attended the TAC editorial meeting (as an AE)...

60th Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference

Satoshi and Takanobu attended the 60th Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference, Tokyo, 2017.11.10-12, and presented papers "Tight bound on parameter of surplus-based averaging algorithm over balanced digraphs" and "Algebraic connectivity of directed scale-free networks".

New members 2017.11

Two new undergraduate students joined our group.

  • Shoma Matsui
  • Wataru Nakamura