Prof. Alessandro Giua's visit as JSPS Fellow

Prof. Alessandro Giua (University of Cagliari) is visiting us as JSPS Fellow during 2019.10.12--11.01.

15th IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering

Kai attended the 15th IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, Vancouver, 2019.08.22-26. Kai presented a joint work with Alessandro Giua and Carla Seatzu at an Invited Session.

57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

Satoshi and Kai attended the 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Miami Beach, 2018.12.16-20. Kai attended the TAC editorial meeting (as an AE), and at the TC meeting of disecrete-event systems was appointed as the next chair starting from January 2019.

61st Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference

Shoma attended the 61st Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference, Nagoya, 2018.11.17-18, and presented our paper "Secret securing with minimum cost".

New members 2018.11

Three new undergraduate students joined our group.

  • Ittoku Tanaka
  • Ryota Tsunoda
  • Moeto Kasahara


Yoichiro Nambu Award

Kai is awarded the "Yoichiro Nambu Young Scientist Award" of Osaka City University.

SICE Annual Conference 2018

Yuta, Masahiro, and Kai attended SICE 2018 held in Nara. Yuta presented our work, and Kai organized an Invited Session. Yuta was selected as a one of the four finalists of Young Author's Award -- congratulations!

23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems

Satoshi, Takanobu, and Kai attended MTNS held in Hong Kong, in the HKUST campus. Satoshi and Takanobu presented their work, and Kai chaired an Invited Session.

2018 Workshop on Discrete Event Systems

Kai attended Workshop on Discrete-Event Systems in Sorrento, Italy. He chaired two sessions (special sessions focusing on applications), and gave a presentation. The previous visiting student to our group, Yingying Liu, won the Best Student Paper Award ("On scalable supervisory control of multi-agen...

Visit of Murray Wonham

Prof. Murray Wonham visited our group for a week, and gave a talk on control research history.